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New York, NY

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[TWC] Does TWC-NYC throttle/block/blacklist users???

Since about 1 month ago, it appears that I've been blocked from downloading avi's from a movie site a friend of mine turned me on to.
I was admittedly going nuts for about 3 weeks (for the first time in my life, I might add) At first I thought it might be a quota thing, but...1 month later, and I can't start anything that isn't gonna take days to finish, that used to take 30 minutes. All other sites, file sizes, and types behave normally. Just this one site seems affected.

Is this SOP with isp's like RR-NYC? Is it possible I've become a 'problem downloader'? If so, is there any recourse? Would calling them make a difference? How about using a proxy server? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance...Tom


Flushing, NY
no. it is much more likely that this 'movie site' has identified you as a leecher and is throttling you.


New York, NY
wow...interesting. Didn't even think about that. I always assumed that those who brought me to the site were doing the same thing! I guess they're just streaming the content...