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If It's Not Broken, Don't Mess With It
Huntley, IL

Chicago has lots of EVOs, if youre willing to wait a bit

I got 2 EVOs from a Fone Zone store (sprint retailer). Put my name on a list via phone call, and got a call within 5 days telling me to come in and pick them up.

Its actually more phone than I need, but I decided to get the latest and greatest this time instead of trying to save a few bucks on last years model.. Plus, Im just tired of arguing with ATT so I wasnt interested in an Iphone that uses an "innovational" aka screwed up, antenna.

I can hardly wait til tomorrow when apple has their press conference on the antenna....ought to be real good fiction, a best seller. Just admit you screwed up, recall them all and make it right instead of blaming the users that they are holding it wrong. Cripes, its a cell phone, how are you supposed to hold it, with chopsticks?
Remember: To err is human. A computer is required to really mess things up!