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reply to ABB_Lisa

Re: Speed ?

said by ABB_Lisa:

Sorry for the delayed response. I was off work for a few days. I am sorry, but I do not have any details on what the speed increases will be. I honestly wish I knew, for both you and me. From what I understand, they are looking to upgrade the upload speed soon, but again, I have no dates.

Also, please keep me posted on your speed tests. I want to make sure you are getting the service you are paying for.

Not even getting 50% of what I pay for today.

Bellefonte, PA
this seems to be the norm for them. I regularly get 6-6.5mbit and I was told this is all I'll ever get during the day. the highest I've every gotten was 7600 at 5AM.

I'm buying a new house in westmoreland county, going to get comcast business, 22/5, no cap for 99$/mo. I know for a fact it will run at or above 22mbit all day long (a friend has the same level of service out there for a business)

I had ABB close my ticket, I gave up on them, got a few credits for slowness. It really is pathetic when you compare them to any other cable ISP, cost vs performance. They don't yet have a cap like comcast, but considering how poor their performance is most of the time, there is no need for a cap lol.


reply to BB_Hunter
To narrow down where the issue lies, could you please run a speed test from our speed test site....
»speedtest.atlanticbb.net/ Please click on the tab closest to you, and then click begin test... post the results please.
We can track these results and they are direct from our servers, so it will give a true speed capability of the modem.
When you are testing in New York, you are leaving our servers and bouncing off other locations. There are plenty of places where you may be losing speed. I want to narrow this down to exactly where the issue lies so I can help you.



reply to robry
I am really sorry about that. If you decide you would like my help, I can certainly do my very best to help you out. Please just let me know.

Please keep in mind that speed tests are not 100% accurate. You are seeing an average. So, when you see 7,600, you may be reaching 8,000 (hopefully that is your MAX speed?). I can monitor your modem as you test to be sure if we can troubleshoot more directly. Private message me if you would like times to reach me.