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Nepean, ON
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Of course it's still Rogers

I doubt anyone thinks they'll see new build-outs where infrastructure currently exists anytime soon.

The point is Teksavvy is coming to Ottawa, rejoice! I'll finally be able to feel good about my ISP choice.

TSI's customer satisfaction is higher (better tech support, better mentality, better pricing, etc.). TSI wants to earn our business. I can see this from the forums, from the reviews, and from the way they help fight for the right to provide better service against all odds. They don't seem very greedy.

Today, my choices are Bell and Rogers. Neither company deserve my business, but I have to choose.... blue, or red.

Bell is out of the question on account of service, reliability, and past performance. So many of my friends and family had to cancel their DSL service because Bell was unable to satisfy them with a stable connection - in terms of value, Bell was well into the negative dollars. That also rules out all other ISP's that would feed me via DSL.

Rogers came out on top in terms of consistently stable connections, but they were slow to upgrade their speeds, their tech support was not useful, and their prices continue to be higher.

I considered 3WEB (CIA) for cable high-speed, but everything I was reading and hearing about them made me very hesitant. Even when I called and spoke to their customer service agents, I was left with a sense that my connection would be in bad hands, and I would be running back to Rogers.

In comes TSI - a company that may not be able to provide faster internet than Bell or Rogers (because they have to use Bell and Rogers lines), but they can at least outperform the guys in blue and red in terms of price and tech support.

I can (and do) get a discounted price from Rogers, but Rogers makes me jump through flaming hoops for those discounts, and makes me feel bad about my choice.

I may as well choose an ISP that makes me feel good about my choice - it's a sideways shift, but still an upgrade IMHO.

When I leave Rogers, I'm taking a lot of people with me. No one in my circle is happy with Rogers.