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shaw ripoff

[SK] shaw wireless router more expensive then four bucks a month

Just got my shaw bill and it was higher then I thought it would be. Because I lost my purchased modem discount of 7.78 a month. So the actual cost of the wireless modem is actually almost twelve bucks month. But im sticking with it until I can buy a router that is similar to this one.


Winnipeg, MB

Re: [SK] shaw wireless router more expensive then four bucks a m

Well, yeah. Did you think you would still get your purchased modem discount if you were now using their hardware?

Not sure what you mean by "sticking with it until I can buy a router that is similar to this one". Do you mean a router/modem combo, or just a router? Because you won't be allowed to use a router/modem combo other than the one Shaw is providing you. And I may be wrong, but I don't think the router Shaw is using is all that special.

·NorthWest Tel
reply to shaw ripoff
I assume you had a purchased Motorola SurfBoard modem before this?

I would have just kept that, and buy your own router.

Not sure why you want an all-in-one unit, they are generally inferior in performance compared to a modem paired with a good standalone router.

Unless convenience alone is worth $12 a month for you.... which obviously it is not.


Airdrie, AB
reply to shaw ripoff
unless your on lite speed internet you should only be charged the 3.95/month for the gateway. if your on anything higher call them and get them to add on the modem discount.

reply to shaw ripoff
Actually, you should call Shaw. The modem discount should remain on the account, regardless of the gateway. It'll show up as -5.00 for modem discount AND 3.95 for gateway rental.

Just call in and it will be backdated for you.


Winnipeg, MB
I'm curious why the modem discount would apply since it's no longer actually in use. Not saying you're wrong, just curious why it would apply. Maybe my understanding of how these are used is incorrect, but I thought only the gateway was on a user's system - the modem the OP had is no longer in use.

The modem discount is pointless to show on the bill, as everyone on high-speed or high gets it now. Starting in September, I believe, it will be removed from the bill and incorporated into the price. So, the internet price itself will go down by 5.00, and the modem discount will no longer show. It's confusing for people as it is.


Vernon, BC
reply to shaw ripoff
It's just a billing error, if you already haven't had it corrected, send me a pm with your accounts phone number and i'll look into further for you.

As for the modem discount, I understand how that can be confusing. It's used to calculate the discount customers with high speed or better subscriptions get, since lite speed customers do not get lifetime modem rentals included. I'm hoping we see this corrected soon.
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