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MarviN Ita


[Help] Belkin 54g problem: internet led off!

Hi,i'm Italian and i haven't found any italian forum. I've a Belkin 54 G Wireless Router + Modem, and a 8Mbit internet connection.
I've a problem because sometimes, when i use internet the internet led of the router goes off. Not the led with the telephone, but the led with the world icon. It happens sometimes if I'm on a site. It ALWAYS happens if i try to download a big file ( > 50 MB).
There are no problems with the ISP, i've tried everything, but i hope router has an hardware problem.

I would know if exists a test software or a way to know if the problem is the router or the ISP.

Please help me, i've tried everything...


Fort Collins, CO
Go to the Belkin site in Italian language, if there is one. Otherwise, to to an English Belkin site and access the forums. You might get help there.

My view is that the problem is with your internet connection. Check that you have DHCP enabled in the router/modem. Belkin routers are generally very good. It might be the modem part of the unit that is not configured properly.

Have you called your internet provider with this problem? It might be that your modem needs an updated configuration file, and it is not getting it.


reply to MarviN Ita
yes, I've called my provider, but they test connection opening 17 Mbit on my line (I've a 8 Mbit) and it worked correctly. So I've tried all possible things..They say there's a problem with the router.
Why enable DHCP? I want to use static IP addresses.