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Bellefonte, PA
reply to BB_Hunter

Re: Speed ?

this seems to be the norm for them. I regularly get 6-6.5mbit and I was told this is all I'll ever get during the day. the highest I've every gotten was 7600 at 5AM.

I'm buying a new house in westmoreland county, going to get comcast business, 22/5, no cap for 99$/mo. I know for a fact it will run at or above 22mbit all day long (a friend has the same level of service out there for a business)

I had ABB close my ticket, I gave up on them, got a few credits for slowness. It really is pathetic when you compare them to any other cable ISP, cost vs performance. They don't yet have a cap like comcast, but considering how poor their performance is most of the time, there is no need for a cap lol.


I am really sorry about that. If you decide you would like my help, I can certainly do my very best to help you out. Please just let me know.

Please keep in mind that speed tests are not 100% accurate. You are seeing an average. So, when you see 7,600, you may be reaching 8,000 (hopefully that is your MAX speed?). I can monitor your modem as you test to be sure if we can troubleshoot more directly. Private message me if you would like times to reach me.