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Powell, WY


Found this regarding Bresnan's WiFi@Home. Seems as though they can remotely administer your router and most likely limit how many devices you can connect to it, so when they state you can have "up to 5 devices" connected it is probably true. Needless to say I would not want them to have free reign over my router...

Affinegy’s DigiDo™ selected by Bresnan Communications for WiFi@Home Service

Displaced Ohioan
Denver, CO
That's why you don't tell them that you have wireless.
Whats smells like blue?

reply to koolkid1563
Wifi@home is a scam anyway. Bresnan charged me $4 monthly on top of the $100 to buy the router and have one of their techs install it (which was before I found the same Netgear router for $50 refurbished online I should've shopped around first) and the monthly "support charge" is useless anyway! When I called them about constant wireless disconnects, their tech support told me that Digidoo-doo software didn't detect anything wrong and they don't have any way to access the router settings remotely to fix it and it'd cost me $40 to send a tech (unless I signed up for some monthly insurance plan for another $3/mo Bresnan must be making out like a bandit on all these extra fees) or I could call Netgear. "So why am I paying you $4/mo doesn't that cover service calls" I asked but they said that only covers telephone support of the router.

I no longer have Bresnan internet. Qwest has modems with builtin wireless that work fine and I gave that POS router to a neighbor.

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
Why would anyone go with this service? How difficult is it to follow the damn instructions to set up a wireless router?

..I'm glad I have my setup..