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Lawrence, MA

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Residential Hold Plan $4.99 per month

Just switched to the Residential Hold Plan for $4.99 ($6 a month after taxes & fees). I tried switching to this a year ago, but they were adamant about not offering it anymore, so they put me on the $10/month 100 minute plan, which was actually $17/mo after taxes+fees.

Today a friend of mine called me (right after she called Vonage) to tell me she asked for the 4.99 plan and got it with no problems. So I called right away, and had a different experience. They refused to acknowledge the plan, even after telling them a friend had just gotten it 5 minutes before. they asked me for my friend's #, which I gave them, then they wanted by friend's PIN, I said no way. After much back and forth, they finally put me on hold, talked with a "supervisor" and gave me the plan. It is good for 6-months, after which it switches to the unlimited plan, even though that's not what I had before.

The only thing I found strange is that outgoing calls are charged at 50 cents per minute!! From posts in previous years, the rate was 3.9 cents a minute. I can understand a higher rate, but 50 is outrageous. I don't plan on making outgoing calls, but still. Also have to remove your call forwarding and network availability #, otherwise you'll get charged outgoing minutes for those, at 50 cents a minute!

Anyone else on the $4.99 plan been told that the per minute rate is 50 cents, or told a different rate?

Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD
This is probably backlash from so many switching down to the $9.95 plan after they offered it.


Houston, TX

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reply to angeld
Wow, only $6 a month after taxes and fees?

My plan is $11 after all the fees.

Residential Account Hold Plan for 1-(713)-XXX-XXXX (23/Jul-22/Aug) $4.99
Regulatory, Compliance and Intellectual Property Fee $1.99
Emergency 911 and Information Services Fee $1.99
Taxes & Fees
Federal Program Fee $0.85
Sales Tax $0.71
County 911 Fee $0.50
Total Amount $11.03

I've been on the $4.99 plan since March 2007.


Lawrence, MA
I misspoke, I assumed it was the $4.99 plan b/c of past history, but now looking at my confirmation email, it is actually now the $0 plan, so the $6 is for taxes+fees. Quote from the email:

"The $0.00 Account On-Hold 6 month step up to $25.99 Vonage World allows you maintain your account and phone number while incurring a minimum $.50 per-minute usage rate or the applicable international rate whichever is greater - for all outbound calls (except 911 and Vonage Customer Service). There is no monthly promotional fee; however, you will be required to pay standard taxes and fees to maintain your phone number"

"It is important that you make sure that, if you have enabled your Network Availability Number and/or Call Forwarding features, you disable them at this time. This can be done through the Features tab in your Online Account. If you fail to do so, you may incur charges if someone calls your Vonage number when your account is on hold"

reply to angeld
The customer on hold plan is now zero, except for taxes and fees and 50 cents per minute? Can anyone else verify?

I cancelled Vonage recently. I was on their $4.99 customer on hold plan (about 4 cents a minute for calls). With taxes and fees it was about $11.50 a month.


Linn Creek, MO
Are 800 calls and Vonage to Vonage calls still free meaning you won't incur the per minute rate with these? I am on the $9.99 plan and both of these don't count towards my minute usage and I was wondering how it worked on the $4.99 plan.