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Englewood, CO
reply to n0xlf

Re: Comcast blocked port 25 (SMTP)???

said by n0xlf:

In any case, that's a bit more info on port 25 blocks...Another bad thing I noticed, which could have changed, is that the TP-25 configs (port 25 blocks) did not have powerboost, so there was additional incentive to not have a TP-25 config...
That could have been the case back then but the config files have changed to point at service class name on the CMTS now. So PB should be enabled on all tb25 bootfiles since that change.

Bethel, CT
reply to lordie
I received this letter from Comcast. I can't see how I have a virus as all my PCs are well maintained...
In my opinion, the allegations in the letter from Comcast are likely to be bogus. I also received such a letter saying, that due to the large number of outbound port 25 connections, Comcast was blocking port 25.

My firewall logs every outbound port 25 connection, so I knew exactly how many outbound port 25 connections I generated. When I told Comcast of the quantity, they said that it was not enough to cause their software to flag my port 25 connections.

Whatever means Comcast uses to determine if your PC is infected, their method can generate false positives.


Castle Rock, CO
reply to lordie
Netcool, glad to hear that has changed (not that I have to worry about it anymore on BC)...

On a side note, any chance we'll be seeing PB on BC service, like we had discussed in the past?

Chesterton, IN
reply to lordie
meh I was blocked about id say 7-9 months ago... I am a computer technician and even though I have 8-10 computers including virtual machines I know I am not infected as they claim. I dont use port 25... I run antivirus and make sure all is up to date on them... and run scans habitually... as well as reinstall OS's like mad... so I can't see me even remotely using port 25... I was using outlook for a while on my laptop but since ditched it in favor of webmail... Either way when I was on outlook i was using a different port... I think they just eventually block you no matter what because they dont want a res account running any mail servers period... Its just my take on it.

reply to lordie
If you don't want to resort to webmail, you can always run a virtual SMTP server that appears to Outlook (or whatever client you're using) to be an SMTP server, but communicates to a real SMTP server on a different port. My company's Loa PowerTools, for example, uses Port 443, the https port.

reply to lordie
The question is, will comcast 'unblock' inbound port 25 for a residential customer? Has anyone had any luck with this? If so, how?

The wings of love
Union, NJ
said by Inbound25off :

The question is, will comcast 'unblock' inbound port 25 for a residential customer? Has anyone had any luck with this? If so, how?
Sometimes.. It's worth a try to plea your case with their security division.


Clio, MI
reply to lordie
About a year or two ago, I suddenly couldn't send email. No explanation, no nothing if I recall correctly. After calling Comcast to find out what was going on, they told me I had to contact the abuse dept. I contacted them and that was about as useful as taking a whiz into the wind. They had locked down my access to the comcast smtp server, the only reason they would give is "Someone had accused me of spamming them."

Wouldn't give me any information beyond that. No dates, times, addresses, frequency, etc. No opportunity to defend myself, no information to know if I've been compromised (Easy to tell if its a single spam message or thousands). You know, sometimes a little information is useful. And there are ways to provide information without breaking privacy or releasing know how of actual transgressions.
I miss my dial-up modem... It was an error correcting modem... I seem to have so many typo's lately.....