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reply to Jason Levine

Re: It's true...

There are certain new releases I like to see fairly soon; I'm as vulnerable to advertising as the next guy I guess, and if there's one I really want to see during a Friday night at home I'll go to the local Hastings and grab it. Other than that I put a dvd in the mail Monday and have #1 on my queue Wednesday, almost all newer titles.

And the streaming is great. Anyone who says they can't find anything to watch on streaming is just not trying hard enough, or is only interested in brand new AAA releases. I've seen so many great films and tv series I may not otherwise have seen it's well worth the price of admission.


I agree. I've been using the streaming service since it became available, and my queue of films and TV programs I want to watch just keeps growing. I keep a list of over 1000 recommended titles I want to watch on IMDB, and Netflix adds titles from that list every week.

If you're not wedded to mainstream new releases, you will find plenty to watch on Netflix. I am a very happy customer.