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Washington, DC
reply to milnoc

Re: Interesting...

I can understand why the studios want that window as it will encourage people who frequently buy new DVD's at $20 new release prices not to "wait for it on Netflix"

They just want to protect their dying business model which is based on charging people many times for the same content in different formats.

First they charge you $10/ticket in the theatre. Then $10 to PPV in a hotel. Then $5 to PPV on cable/dish. Then they charge you $20 to buy it on DVD. Then they will want to charge you $30 to buy it on Blue-Ray or $1-2 for a netflix- rental after your DVD gets scratched or you want to just see if Blue-Ray is worth it.
Yes, actually I am a network engineer. Why don't you have a cup of coffee and make sure my HBO is working and I'll worry about getting my cable modem and my router connected.


Lawrenceville, GA

Just got a Roku box, and Netflix streaming for me has been terrific... 4 bars and no interruptions. Flawless operation as someone else said.

Of course, I'm the type that can wait for movies I want to see, and have more than I can watch with all the British TV comedy and mystery series available for streaming. [MI-5, Inspector Morse, etc.].

If that $10 mo. was a problem, I could drop a cable digital tier that I have now [to see one channel out of 30 junk ones]. Plus free on-demand on my cable service is worthless as well.