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Aptos, CA
reply to espaeth

Re: Netflix is a different model

Bandwidth for P2P broadcast will lag P2MP broadcast, but it will be substantial enough to serve the prior standard's content fully, and will always catch up to the next wave's amount of content soon enough.

Furthermore, full-on most-current-standard high-count mass-broadcast events are far and few inbetween, like Assball, Football, BasketBall, and Screaming Bitches I mean Slumarican Idol Worship. The rest would easily fit, even at most current standard, in current bandwidth provisions, in P2P models.


P2P: Point to Point. Referring to e.g., Netflix to User using unicast IP. Not referring to P2P filesharing.

P2MP: Point to MultiPoint. Referring to traditional broadcast, like OTA TV. (The kind with an antenna.) Also used for Satellite and Cable like stuff, relative to its multipointiness.

prior standard, current standard, next wave: quality of reproduction (dimensions and detail (resolution, color depth, frequency, etc.)) -- 3D at 1,000,000 pixels by 1,000,000 pixels by 1,000,000 pixels at 480Hz with 64 bit color depth and different points of view takes more bandwidth than 1920x1080p60Hz std using MPEG4/AVC/VC1, and there are multiple steps between those two extremes, neither of which we've even gotten to yet in most places).

Assball: ASSociation footBALL.

Football: Football (USA).

Basketball: Criminals stealing a ball and running around like monkeys.

Slumarican Idol Worship: "American Idol"