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Aptos, CA
reply to espaeth

Re: Netflix is a different model

said by espaeth:

It all depends on what you want to get out of your TV viewing. While it clearly doesn't apply to you (based on your described services), the sports broadcasting market is a massive entity that is unable to be adequately served by Internet distribution. The numbers simply don't work for the quantity of simultaneous realtime viewers and the bitrate required for HD video delivery.
Which brings up the point: we only need about one satellite for the entire continent to cover all of that mass-broadcast sports broadcasting junk. That's because there's a finite number of mass-broadcast events on at any given moment. The amount of bandwidth in the non-point-to-point arena that needs to be dedicated to this niche market is therefore not odious, and can be easily absorbed into greater systems that are point-to-point centric. An antenna at every neighborhood cable closet can grab that small amount of broadcast spew with a relatively cheap box (only has to get a limited amount of content) and insert it on demand to the local last leg with ease. It can use multicast at that level, too (or whatever IPv6 calls it, actually).

Yes, it's a different beast, but it doesn't take a lot of bandwidth to hear horns blaring constantly like with AssBall. It's only one friggin channel. It can be special-cased, and not hold back any other point to point individualized content.