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Seattle, WA
reply to NgtFlyer

Re: Speakeasy to Combine with MegaPath and Covad

said by NgtFlyer:

The question is - will they be able to offer business packages that compete with cable DOCSIS 3 or FIOS? I can get a 50x20 Comcast business connection for less than $200 now. Is there some kind of plan in store to bring this kind of performance and value to businesses and consumers to compete with the big cable companies?

Or is 6x768 at ~$100 still going to be what's available from here on out?
While I agree that they have a technology problem, there are, I believe, two incorrect assertions in your post. First, I'm pretty sure Comcast does not offer a 50/20 option. For most of the US, 50/10 is the best they can do. And second, Speakeasy has been offer 15/1 and 10/1 ADSL 2+ circuits for some time now. They also offer bonded T1 and what they call "Business Ethernet" (which I understand is just bonded DSL), which offer higher upstream rates.