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This is a sub-selection from Ping Test


Aledo, TX

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reply to kernelpanic

Re: Ping Test

said by kernelpanic:

Dang that would suck.

One question - why does your ping test show your ISP as SBC Internet Svc?

Mine shows up as AirCanopy

It's always shown up as SBC internet services for me, I suppose that's just who they resell the service from (bandwidth has to come from somewhere). My ISP was originally UniteWireless when it was taken over by Skybeam.

Even now it's better, but still crappy: »www.pingtest.net/result/21400014.png


Crowley, TX

yeah, better but not great. Hopefully the service tech can help tomorrow - keep us posted please.


Azle, TX

Yes agreed, And I miss UniteWireless. So much better Service overall. Customer Care was and sounded like (Care). Now its just like a call center in INDIA. Let us try this and let us try that and Well you get the point. Then we have to send it to our Network Admin. You know I got something like this with SKY-WI!. The name may have something... (Sky-Beam... Sky-Wi)) ??? But yes, I've Had the same thing since they Bought UniteWireless last Year. I've voice my opinion about every 2 months. They fix me or open the Pipe and I work great for about 2 months then back to the same thing. SLOW speed again. And I am calling them again Today. Good Luck to everyone!

« Terrible service
This is a sub-selection from Ping Test