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Glendale, AZ

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Re: top 5 safest and most secure email providers ?

Here is my bet. All the big names will have issues. Most will love some obscure smaller players most have never heard of. Reason they feel safer is these smaller providers have great terms of services and great policies. Thing is to me some are so small there is no over site and just because they sound great on paper really means?
I use some of those evil free big providers and have no issues. Just uncheck a few boxes and personally have never had anything bad happen after many years. YMMV Thing is they are so big and so many users anything goes wrong and you will hear about it. So to me in a way that is better as there is over site.
One I use my own domain I got from godaddy. It is G_____ apps free. Even my University and other businesses use their paid version.

Now if you really need secure run your own email server.
For the FBI encrypt all your email. Forget any place secure for the FBI as they will just use a warrant. So encrypt on your own computer before sent and let the reciever decrypt it and Vica versa. Run your own server and encrypt it. Set trip wires so if FBI shows up computer is melted. No backups.
Or never put anything in writing you do not want read.