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Bel Air, MD

Konami Code > Droid and all ROMS

Once again, those who continue on the iPhone bandwagon or it's competitor at Android still put up with companies locking down phones.

So while you continue to make demands, complaints, and articles on such, we over at WebOS will continue to just type in the Konami code and get a welcomed (by Palm and HP themselves) introduction into the land of homebrew and patching.

Yeah, Mobile HotSpot has been on Verizon and free for a while now on Palm phones. So let me point and laugh at all the suckers. =D


San Diego, CA
Well, having dealt with ATT and their crippling of Symbian phones in the past, I finally learned to buy the device direct. Yeah, you don't get the carrier subsidy, but you also don't get a crippled phone.

I just bought my Nexus One direct from Google so ATT couldn't get their grubby paws on it. No restrictions here!