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My views are my own.

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Re: The business mentality...

said by tdouglas22:

Why give away something that people will pay for? That's the way of business. If you can make a profit off of it.... milk it.
Yup! Because business is all about "giving it away" and not "milking profit".. I mean, "making profit" right?

Sounds more like Motorola and Google want to make a phone capable of tethering.. however, who decided that Motorola and Google were in charge of making business decisions for Verizon?

I am NO fan of Verizon, I'll make that perfectly clear... but..

1) Verizon is in their right to ensure that their model is set the way THEY want to make it.. there are choices out there in competition.. and please, don't confuse competition being in play when there is finally someone offering what a specific customer wants because that's not competition... that just means someone isn't going to be happy until they get it there way, and for that, there is burger king.

2) I don't see how it's called "crippling" an "open source" operating system where it was clearly google's intent to allow their open source o/s to be modified to the way that the end user (Verizon in this case) wanted to make it.. and they did. Why call something open source when every time a carrier modifies it to THEIR desire it's called crippling it? If everyone had to use it "out of the box".. then why call it open source? hell.. why even make it "open source"....

I find some disingenuous reporting to call this a cripple of the o/s when they're doing what they have every right to do by the source provider, in this case, google.

What this is, to be honest, is more "disappointing" to some users more than anything - and for that, I'd agree. Also, just because it "can tether" and "can be a hotspot" doesn't mean that it's going to be free either.. nor should it. You can't expect a carrier to simply, over night, ditch their data card business line because some o/s maker allows a phone to tether.. just not realistic.. and it's certainly not "milking it"...


I'm for making a profit. Afterall, you can only write off a loss for a few years.

Seriously, though, Verizon (et al) is crippling our lives. Communications is the NUMBER one need of civilization. Without it, there is chaos. (Yes, clean water, is a requirement, but not totally regulated/controlled like communications). And yet, the biggest control freaks ARE the communications companies like ATT, VZ, Orange, Vodafon, ...

And what is SO smart about smartphones? More like, "see your bill this month?" "$(%*&!!, yeah, that smarts!"
No way to save your calls. Save your voicemail. Save your text messages. No way to forward all calls, remotely answer, while surfing/updating/downloading and watching news or home DVR without "added features". Ironic that ALL the carriers have "data plans". And unlike a minority, we can't All roll minutes. We have to pay for more (overcharges for SMS/TXT) that costs them nothing. They don't want to build out, but will gladly sham Congress to shill out more for research and FUD. Oh, the internets will collapse! yep.

Companies like Verizon should glady offer access to your billing, TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN. Not during 8-6pm time frame. Yes, you have some access online, but that forces you to have to be ONLINE. What if you need a person to change your number, fix your bill, stop some caller, protect your account, move your account, check moving status, order more/less....

We have given them too much control. And in return, we have received crap. The voice quality on cell is equal to the crappy YouTube videos.
(however, FiOS voice is...well...I can hear things in the background of a caller that you could never pickup with a cell phone).

It's 2010. Wireless is preached the wonder, yet coverage is not ubiquitous.

Please hang up, and try again.

My views are my own.

Ummmm.. heh.. not really sure what to say.. wait, I actually do.

Seriously, like I said, I really don't care or have love for Verizon, one bit. However, I think you're really going on the dramatics here a WEEEEEE bit too much.

No one is controller your communication.. there's a difference in it being controlled (which they aren't) and how they chose to charge and regulate the use of the internet in means of charging for it. You're confusing control with putting a price on their service - two totally different things. People OFTEN forget that they're not entitled to an all you can eat model, for one. Even with that, and having the 'unlimited PDA data plans'.. those are and were just that. People have PDA/Smart Phones with data plans and now here comes the ability to tether and they expect the carriers to simply allow the connection of netbooks, note books, and everything else wireless to access those tether devices... really? That's not being reasonable. There has to be some reality to your demands, and quite honestly, what I hear is that you want them to do all the giving and you want to do all the taking.. which is fine, but you can take... anytime... for a price. NOTHING wrong with that at all.

You have a smart phone, it does more than a regular phone, you're going to pay more - yea.. they are expensive.. however, remember, supply and demand. The user demands everything in one small handheld device and the company supplies it.. what is convenience worth to you? .. that's what you're going to pay. You ALSO have to ask yourself,.. "is that Youtube on the go WORTH it.. on the go?" the answer really is.. "no".. it's entertainment. Life goes on with out Youtube and Facebook... trust me.. it really does. Users are demanding more and more but also demand cheaper and cheaper.. there still is "value" in the "want"..

As for everything else.. wow.. really.. just wow. Please tell me.. when have you ever been able to change your number with out calling in? Are you REALLY being harassed that late at night that you NEED to change your phone number on the fly, 24/7? (There is a way to not take those calls... turn the phone off for the night.. mute the ringer.. change the ring tone for that number calling you... I think you're being dramatic here. "No way to forward all calls... really? There truly is. Remotely answer your cell phone????? REALLY? WHY In the world do you need that? And who's going to pay to develop that AND who's going to pay for the worthless feature? You have a mobile phone.. bring it with you, afterall, it's mobile.

Rolling minutes? .. okay.. at this point, this is what competition is about.. AT&T allows it.. Verizon and Sprint don't need to do that.. this is what competition is all about.

I dunno.. it's really hard to address alot of what you said other than it may be, to you, nice.. but I can guarantee you that many people really doesn't care about half that stuff.. not to mention, at what cost are you willing to pay for a 24/7 customer service? .. it used to be that way but was a total waste of money.. sorry, but I can truly wait until the next day to talk about my bill.. the online website access gives me, and you, plenty of information. You're asking for a 24/7 world.. that comes at a cost and I'm SURE you won't be willing to pay for it.

By the way... YOU/WE don't give them control.. it's their business.. they're not public, they're not the government.. etc.. you don't even get that from the government - so why are you expecting it from Verizon?

Sounds, again, a bit on the dramatics..