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San Jose, CA

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Vonage adapter seems to limit cable internet speed

Hi all,

I need to get a new router because my Netgear MR814 router limits Comcast internet access (over wired ports) to about 3-5 Mb/s.

However, it seems that when I install the Vonage VDV21 the performance drops to a paltry 1-1.5 Mb/s.

This is probably indirectly because of my lousy router, right?

Edit - Ok I see from some other posts that you can place the VDV21 behind the router? Tried this connecting to the internet port on the VD21 and it cannot find the internet (allowing modem to power first of course).


San Jose, CA

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I have tried several times now to put the Vonage adapter behind the router but it can't find the internet (error code 002). I'm using the blue cable from the Vonage VDV21 blue port to the router. Yellow port is unconnected. I can access the internet from my computer with this configuration.

I thought I'd give some more router info in case -

Setup is - Comcast modem (ubee)-Netgear router MR814 - Vonage VDV21

Here are the router settings -

No login, Dynamic IP, get DNS from ISP, use default MAC address.

Under advanced - use router as a DHCP server starting, ending

I didn't change any settings in the VDV.

I suppose I could try resetting the router to factory defaults.


San Jose, CA
After thinking about this, it must be my router. The firmware is dated 2002 and there have been no meaningful updates.

I'll get the free router from Comcast.

Schuylkill Haven, PA
Wow! You had a thread all to yourself. But yes, replace the router, it's ancient.