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Palo Alto, CA

[cable] Motorola SB6120 vs Cisco DPC3000

I'm thinking about buying DOCSIS 3.0 modem, and Motorola SB6120 and Cisco DPC3000 seems to have ended on my shortlist. Any significant cons or pros between these two, and/or should I consider using some other brand? I'd be using the modem (at least initially) on Comcast, however in case I move, it may end up being some other cable network too (so being supported by wide range of cable operators would be a big plus).

My old modem is an Motorola SB5100 and it worked so far flawlessly both on Shaw in Canada and Comcast in USA. But with the latest increases in speeds, it may soon become a limiting factor.


Scottsdale, AZ
I had a 6120, worked for 2 months 100% then was essentially crap until I got the Cisco which I have had for about 3 months.

People say that both have the same problem but I look at it this way: Cox wont sell anyone (Residential or Business) a 6120 but will sell a 3000. If you want a 6120 you have to buy it elsewhere.