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[cable] Cable modem keeps resetting....

I have a arris modem that has been messing up this past week.

First it would reset randomly for no apparent reason maybe once or twice a day ... no big deal for me ill just wait the 5min it takes to reboot

Now I try to play on my ps3 and as soon as I go to start the game it cuts off then reboots and goes back on then I try to start the game again and once more it cuts off and it keeps happening over and over.... I have been using the modem for about 8months now to play my ps3 and this is the only time this has happened

While on the computer it sometimes reboots but not as often as when trying to play my ps3... While on the computer it will restart sometimes after 5mins and sometimes after 1-2hours

I was just wondering if anyone knows why this keeps happening and on alot of the other posts i see they always post the logs so these are mine


rarely is it the modems fault. start checking your isp.

reply to NicholasMar
This EXACT same thing started happening to me this week while I was playing the 360. I don't think it's related to the system, it's something with the modem and/or ISP. I don't suppose you have Comcast, too?

It began on Monday night...modem reset, but then it was fine. Same thing again on Tuesday. Then last night, it reset 9 or ten times, even as I sat watching it while I was on hold for Comcast support, and it finally just stopped re-connecting. Comcast Support couldn't even detect it anymore.

I think it's fried but they're coming out tomorrow morning.


Windham, ME
If your cable modem S/N ratio, line power, and frequency is in the acceptable ranges. Your probably going to find that no matter what they do inside your house, or to the line outside your house to the pole, won't make much difference except maybe in the short term. Replacing your cable modem wont help, and it's not your pc, router or cables. Most people with half a brain know enough to check all their connections to make sure they're solid if your experiencing any type of connection issues. Something people don't seem to understand is that your pc / router or other device on your network quite literally cannot reset your cable modem. Unless your running "special" software to be able to speak to the cable modem, it's just not going to happen. I've heard of power supplies being an issue, possible but unlikely. Take a look at your modem logs ( a simple google search for how to get to them works wonders ), and you will probably find your cable modem can't "talk" to the DHCP server at your ISP. After a while the modem will timeout and "soft" reboot. It will reconnect for a little while, and then do it all over again. More then likely it has nothing to do with anything in your house, it is an ISP issue. More specifically, one of their line amplifiers in your area has gone bad. What happens is due to the change in temp in your area, the line amplifier will adjust the gain control on the line automaticly. ( We all know that cold metal conducts electricity better then hot metal ) Right now it is malfunctioning and not adjusting the gain. What you need is a good line troubleshooter from your ISP to come out and test the amplifiers between you and the central station. If you ask any of your neighbors with the same internet service in the area, you may find that they are having the same thing happen, it depends on where they are between you and the central station. If they are on the other side of the problem area they won't be affected. Good luck convincing your ISP of that though, they probably won't have a clue what your talking about. Technical support probably won't either unless you get the rare occasion to speak with someone who actually knows what their doing. More then likely they're going to ask you to reset your modem, or they're going to tell you that your pc or router is not configured properly. You can tell them that your pc or router has nothing to do with the status lights on your modem. If the lights are going out for a few seconds, it looses it's connection , and looks like its restarting, then either the modem needs to be replaced or if that has already been done then check the modem logs. If your at the end of a road, or in an area without many cable subscribers you have my sympathy, depending on the company it may take an act of congress to get them to fix the amplifier.