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Lewiston, ME

[TWC] "This channel should be available shortly" ??

OK, can someone please tell me what this is supposed to mean?

I just got cable installed today. The box is a Moto DCH6416 running i-Guide A28. SD channels are all fine, local HD channels are fine, the rest of my HD channels give me that message.

I called and they resent some signal or some such, but that was well over 2 hours ago now. I'm thinking something isn't quite right here.

Please excuse my ignorance as I haven't had cable in years.


Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
they have deployed SDV in maine which requires two way communication with the cable company and your box might not be communicating right back to the cable co.

also I had this problem once with my DCX3400 and resetting it fixed it after it rebooted by pulling the power plug within a few minutes.


Lewiston, ME

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Ok thanks for the reply. Rebooting didn't seem to work for me.

I'm not sure if it's relevant, but the reference code keeps changing from S0200 to S0600 to S0900. I've looked on the TWC site, but can't even find a manual or anything for this model.

I'm on the phone with them again now, looks like they want to send a tech back out on Tuesday. The customer service rep thinks I need a new box. Fun...



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reply to Phroz

We are on the Navigator Guide in my division so although I don't know what the procedure is for I-Guide, sometimes it can take as long as 24 hours for services on the box to activate like Video on Demand, Caller-ID on TV and so forth. Premium channel packages, with the exception of Adult channels and PPV are open until the box has been authorized, meaning that it has to go through the head-end process to communicate with what is on your account, BEFORE some channels are activated.

A Customer Service tech tip is in service call requests, please have the CSR indicate on the work order to have the tech activate the box before leaving. Not sure about some features like Caller ID on TV for Navigator and Digital Phone subs, but ALL the channels should come in probably within a few hours of a box head-end activation.

Best bet is there is nothing wrong with your box, and for whatever reason, the HD services are not activated to your account yet. Are they working today?



Lewiston, ME

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Nope, still no HD. On Demand works in that I'm able to access it, but I haven't tried to watch anything. The box hasn't been rebooted in 24 hours and the programming guide still hasn't populated yet. After going through all of the channels one by one, I noticed there's a number of SD channels giving me that message as well.


Lewiston, ME
reply to Satch
Just to update, everything was working normally when I woke up this morning. I'm getting every channel perfectly.

I guess it was an activation issue or something. Perhaps it just took longer than normal to clear up.

We had the same problem after we switched from dish to TW. Turns out the installer never checked the signal. Apparently he just assumed since there was an HD picture all was well. And it was for 2-3 hours.

A tech came a few days later and installed an amplifier and a filter. Been working very well since.

reply to Phroz

I have the same problem. If you are running splitters, you have interference. Try running the cable directly into the TV , or TV box.

I run my internet and TV off the same line and in small apts. they cant handle that much interference, but it works if plug directly in.

It sucks!