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Cleveland, OH
reply to jfmezei

Re: Google sold us out!

said by jfmezei:

I wonder what changed at Google. They used to be against ISP plans, now they decided to be part of those "evil" plans. Perhaps they decided they couldn't win and it was the lesser of two evils to join the evil ISPs to ensure Google's content isn't deprioritized/emphasized.

I think the problem is Android. It was to be an open source platform with goals of pushing the "unlocked" phone concept to the USA where nobody would be captive/slave to the mobile networks. But it appears that Google has fallen prey to those mobile networks and is now a slave to them, the very thing it was hoping to end.

If Google isn't big/strong enough to end this slavery, who is ?
I was thinking the same thing. I had hoped that once Android had become the dominant platform for mobile phones around the world, which is inevitable due to its free and open-source and Google's commitment to it, that Google would leverage their influence into forcing the ISPs to play fairly. But once you cross the line from good into evil, it's just about impossible to cross back.