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Chatham, NJ

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reply to Jim Kirk

Re: leave

Man you are just begging for the government to come regulate the internet, aren't you. Net Neutrality will be used to foreclose opportunity and possible competition, not guarantee it, just like radio, just like early television, just like cable, just like the early telephone system.

You are begging for someone to come and cripple the services you like, and leave only the largest giants standing, but you're too young and stupid to actually read any history, because MTV knows better.


Denville, NJ
You seem to be forgetting that the destruction of the common carrier model by the Powell FCC's fraud upon the nation was what reduced competition and eliminated innovative offerings and services from agile small ISPs who were able to respond to users requests and needs. Now we're reduced to dealing with a couple of huge bureaucracies who seem to not even be capable of internal communication to resolve customer problems

Now we're told that the FCC does not have the power to undo the Powell blunder? This is madness. Take a look at the nations around the world which are leaving the US in a cloud of dust and note that what works elsewhere, and encourages vibrant competition, is "common carrier" rules. Or are you of the opinion that because the "incumbents" own poles, wires, rights of way and metro-cable plant that they are to be endowed with a monopoly on Internet Provisioning and Services?