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Screen tycoon
Brooklyn, NY

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Re: So

said by morbo:
And yes, Google was good and better than the rest. Go back and read. This change is a significant move away from that path. If it makes you feel smarter than everyone else for not believing Google was different then go nuts.

I'm going nuts.

For years I got called a loony for implying Google was less than perfect. It all went downhill when we collectively agreed bots could scan our personal email in exchange for a superior free email service. It's not the end of the world, but it was the first step down a slippery slope to where we are now.

I use an android phone and Google calendar everyday. It's impossible to avoid them, their free apps are better than paid alternatives. I gave up a long time ago arguing against using their products, because they are made for our generation.

The generation of piracy. The generation that expects everything cost no money.

Google is capitalizing on that. Their phone OS beats everything else and look at its cost. Their calendar system is better than what I could pay for as far as portable device integration & functionality, $50/yr for big business & free to myself. Look at their email service in 2007 vs. yahoo mail.

Look at all the shit they offer for free.

It's not free, people. It's not free.
If you're going to repair your own Macbook, benefit from my experiences.

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said by thender:

It's impossible to avoid them, their free apps are better than paid alternatives. ...


It's not free, people. It's not free.
It is possible to avoid them but people like their products and believe that the tradeoff -- a loss of privacy -- is worth it. People that don't think it's worth it are still free to use other, usually inferior products.