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McKinney Bob


Let's try this again

Tried to post a reply a minute ago and I guess it even illustrates my point further: ATT UVERSE sucks! It was great right after we got it for about 2 months. Then, once the rest of the neighborhood got it we noticed that every weeknight and gamenight at 7pm our connection would freeze up. After 10pm, it worked fine. After talking with other neighbors, we realized we weren't alone. We finely came to the conclusion that everyone's DVR was kicking on to record multiple programs at 7pm everynight creating a bottle neck in service. After multiple calls to customer service we soon realized that their only purpose was to keep you on the phone long enough to keep from having to dispatch a tech to the house. Essentially, they want to get you worn down where you just give up and go away. So we did, went back to direct TV and are much happier. We opted to keep ATT Uverse internet but it is disconnecting and slowing down at the same times (7pm-10pm) every night. In fact, I just tried to post this reply once before but was given a "internal server error" message and noticed I was no longer connected when I replied. Typical ATT. Poor customer service, no follow up, and they really don't seem to care about losing customers.