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Federal Way, WA

Suckered by WAVE AGAIN!

Well I left them a short time ago because of lousy Phone service, it was down more than up as was their Internet service so I left...as usual they had their excuses mainly of which centered around their lack of power backup....(give me a break).

So they called me back and promised that they have upgraded the power backups and everything is now working properly....so I said ok, lets give it another shot.
Less than a day into their phone service it crapped out mid conversation and did not return for 45 minutes, their excuse was they has a complete outage coming to Port Orchard....not their fault then when I called back they said the new system has software problems....see the pattern with WAVE?
Less than a week later the phone is again out for over FOUR HOURS!...Can't wait to hear their excuse on this one, problem is they are not answering their support calls after 20 minutes of waiting still nothing.
Thankfully Port Orchard now has another player with Clear Wire...I figure it couldn't be any worse than WAVE or maybe Dialup which most of the time is the same as WAVE.