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[DIRECTV] DirectTv - Bad Experience

My wife and I have been pondering switching from Time Warner cable to Directv. While our experience with TW has been very good, our bill is a bit high and we wanted to see what Directv had to offer.

We ordered everything online: one HD receiver and on HD DVR receiver with the whole house package. I set up an installation date of Saturday between 8am and 12pm. Around 12pm the installer called to let me know it was raining outside and that he would not be able to complete the install. The installer was foreign and I could not understand him and had to tell him to repeat himself several times. He told me that I needed to call Directv and reschedule. I called Directv and rescheduled the service for Wed. An hour later, the installer called me again, this time harasing me that my reschedule did not show up in his system and I needed to call Directv back. I called Directv a second time, they told me they did not know what the installer was complaining about, but said his company might be giving him a hard time. They re-confirmed the appointment, but this time changed the date as they told me that had an earlier availability to do the installation. After I got off the phone with Directtv, the installer called me again, this time telling me to cancel the reschedule as he could now come out to my house and do the install. I told him that I had already rescheduled and was done calling people. He then attempted to call my phone two more times. I called Directtv and told them that I did not want this guy calling me anymore and did not want him to perform the installation which I rescheduled for Tuesday between 8 and 12am. So today I received a call confirming the installation for tomorrow and in preparation I had another person fill my position at work in the morning and had someone take care of kid duties in the am. On the way home from work, around 5:00 a foreign woman calls me who I could barely understand from Directv to let me know that they cannot do the installation tomorrow at they are out of stock of HD boxes. I told her to that my experience with Directv is already been problematic and I haven't even started using service with them and as such would like to cancel. I get transfered to another lady to cancel the service who tells me there is not need to cancel, she will talk to a supervisor so I can get everything installed tomorrow. I told her forget it I just want to cancel the service. She put me on hold anyways for 10 minutes so I hung up and called back again a second time attempting to cancel. This time the lady I talked told me that Directv can give me a standard definition box until an HD one arrives, I told her no thanks and after 20 minutes of her attempting to sell me on their so-called excellent customer service, I finally got everything canceled. I couldn't imagine being locked into a 2 year contract with a company which is obviously piss poor at handling a simple installation process. They didn't even bother to offer me anything for my troubles, expect to tell me that I need to understand the situation it out of their hands. First impressions are lasting impressions. Love em or hate em, I'll stick with cable for now.

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Malden, MA

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I don't blame you one bit. You did not post where you are from but DirecTV outsource their installations to 3rd party companies some of which are awful. Your issue started with a crappy installer, then an crappy dispatcher from a crappy install company and it went from there. Not an excuse at all as DirecTV decided to go this route with their installations so they need to own the problems. Vote with your wallet as you did and stick with TW as that's the only thing you can do. (and this is coming from a happy DirecTV for the past 8 years).
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reply to danielwx

Yep, you had a bad experience with a horrible comedy of errors on DirecTV's part . . . and there came a point where DirecTV needed to make it up to you by offering you a deal that you couldn't refuse, to make up for that bad experience. They failed you again. and lost you as a customer. Also, everyone that asks you about DirecTV from now on will hear your story and will probably lose additional customers because of it.

I would have done the exact same thing you did if I has been in your shoes when I signed up 7 years ago.
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