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This is a sub-selection from Rant

Well done is better than well said
Rockford, IL
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Re: Rant

Been there done that, Even a tech or two brought their own lappy's. Done test's at other peoples house's in nearby town's (mentioned I believe in this review somewhere) Been awhile since I had 'EVERYTHING' checked. But, I'm not about to go through that whole ordeal every single time when in the past it has consistently proven to be a Comcast issue ( I know the 'system' all too well). At first that all the tech's did was check noise and fittings...they too begin to realize it was redundant and fruitless ) Because ultimately it was above their heads.

I agree about this review. It is too long, but at the same time is is my public document of ongoing issues that Comcast as a whole has been notorious for in 'certain' markets.

BTW I have had a Party or two, three with some of the Comcast's 'Top dogs' in my area...yep at my place
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~Well done is better than well said~
This is a sub-selection from Rant