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Costa Mesa, CA

[cable] Configuring a UBEE DDW2600 Modem/Router

I recently had cable internet installed by Telmex in Bogota. This is the router/modem, but when I try and enter to find the configuration screen I only get a Modem status/information/etc.. screen, and never a user/password screen on entry -- since I'd like to access it to change wireless password/SSID etc..

I'm entering via and using ethernet. According to UBEE's manual it should popup a userid/password screen but it goes straight to the modem status screen - which is all readonly.

I know there are probably not many telmex users here but on the longshot someone has had the same problem I'll ask anyhow. Could it be that Telmex has changed the firmware so that there is no user access possible?

Thanks for any insight/help.