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East Bernard, TX
reply to alexsian

Re: $40/mo unlimited/no-contract via VirginMobile

Why in the world would you abuse the hell out of it.? What kind of mentality is that? No wonder we can't get true unlimited!


reply to Jack_in_VA
Millenicom didn't care. 40 gigs in a month consecutively and not a word said, tower also didn't budge as far as speed goes, there is literally almost no one around me on mobile broadband connections, my area is blanketed with cable and U-verse, I'm one of the very few who doesn't have it in a small quarter mile stretch they won't make a run on, and to top it off I'm moving in a few months to an area confirmed to have docsis 3.0 cable through time warner.


Nashville, TN
·HughesNet Satell..
From what I can tell, VM and Sprint do use the same towers to connect. (same if you have a Millenicom Sprint plan).

HOWEVER....There is just something to weird about this Virgin Mobile device. I think its crippled in some way.

First, it the HA is always Walnut Creek, CA......it appears to route all traffic thru that server. A regular sprint device changes. (this is very similar to DATAJACK when they were routing all traffic thru RACKSPACE.com instead of directly thru T-Mobile.). this increase latency and pings time. Averages about 255ms ping. (Sprint directly averages around ~80-90ms).

Signal is not the same with the VM modem and the same modem in a Sprint Version (U760/MC760)....
when I had a Sprint modem, I had 4 bars of EVDO, with the VM modem I only have 2. i'm in the same location with both.

When requesting a .webpage, there is a high amount of lag before the page displays...Often the page doesn't refresh all the way, or leaves out graphics.

SPEED is horrible. Highest I ever got off this device was about 300kbps. On the same tower on a SPRINT device, I've reached around 1.1mbps.

could it be that VM modems are on the lower priority of a tower? At some points, pages just simply timed out after waiting.... (REALLY REALLY bad on banking pages).

Modem frequently goes into 1XRTT often (sprint's didn't).

Other's have said their VM modem is identical in performance to their Sprint (MC) modem........Geographiccal location could have alot to do with that, but then again, why would a SPRINT U760 work better than the VM MC760, almost identical devices, yet VERY DIFFERENT in performance, and connecting to the same tower.

This is a single T-1 tower here, so I understand tower congestion at times, but I have NEVER connected more than 300kbps on this same tower (while connecting @
1mbps on the SPRINT U760).

I just think the VM modems use bandwidth at the lower end of the pole (cell phones first, Sprint devices next, and what ever bandwidth is left, the VM devices get it).

Sigining up was a pain in the A**, you can onlu activate the device IF ITS IN THE PC. Until you're activated, youre connected at 1XRTT (Slow slow slow). It timed out several times during the activation process (including my credit card 8 times for $40.....because I kept entering my # in, and saying BUY plan, but it never added it to my account. Finally, I after I got the device ACTIVATED, I just went to another pc, and keyed in my credit card #, and it worked.

Tech support is generally about a 40 minute wait. Even when I called the BROADBAND2TO #, they told me I was in the wrong dept, and just trasferred me back to the main queue. (was I pissed or what)?...Called back the next day, waited around 27 mins, but could hardly understand the rep.

My bottom line opinion. NOT WORTH THE HASSLE.
Speeds are NOT the same as a regular Sprint device.
Tech support has LONG wait times, and doesn't understand problems with their own device.
Unlimited really doesn't mean anything to me if I can'tdo what I need to do online without it timing out or disconnecting . . . . Unlimited at 300kbps might be their marketing ploy, but that just doesn't get it.

Returned the device to radio shack (only paid $59 after sale and instant rebate).

Called VM third time and had them to refund my $40
since I only used it about 30 mins @ 300kpbs.


Nashville, TN
·HughesNet Satell..
Another user posted this in another forum. sounds exactly what they are doing!


I have it from a good source that the Virgin Mobile devices do not get the same use of the available back-haul on the sprint network and are somewhat limited compared to devices direct with Sprint or a reseller Millenicom . Perhaps this would explain the difference in performance between Sprint devices and so called Virgin Mobile devices . I have been watching the boards for all the results and its seems there might be some truth to what I heard, from the results being posted. It would also explain how the results from a Virgin Mobile device come up saying network as Virgin mobile where all Sprint issued devices come up Sprint.


Concord, CA
reply to compuguybna
said by compuguybna:

From what I can tell, VM and Sprint do use the same towers to connect. (same if you have a Millenicom Sprint plan)...First, it the HA is always Walnut Creek, CA...... (snip)
Walnut Creek - I better jump on the broadband wagon - that city is just around the corner from me ;-]

I believe I have read that the "pre-pay" services don't use the same system as the post-pay - at least that is what I have read on the voice side - could also be the broadband side.

However - if it (pre-pay) works for you -- then it is an option -- it not -- then ....

I have read some posts in the threads that try to put down the new VM pricing and data offering -- I see the VM BB as a win win - cheap dongle - as mentioned $59 at RS with instant rebates (however I think one of the rebates at RS ended 8/28) and you can buy a data plan whenever you want -- no contract -- no setup fee -- no expensive dongle. So if it works -- go for it -- if not -- then find something else.


Nashville, TN
I didn't work for me. I'll have Charter High Speed Internet in 3 weeks!

Best of luck to everyone who is brave enough to try!

the world
reply to dondude
said by dondude:

So far so good. Can't tell the difference.
I just got a Mifi myself. Not getting your speeds, but acceptable enough for browsing, email ......Its mainly a "backup" to my cable


Barrington, IL

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reply to alexsian
I got errors when I tried to setup my account last month and pay for the service.

And I just got more web site errors when I tried to pay for another month of service.

It took quite a few tries this time to get past "Alex" and talk to a person who could help me. Not impressed with their web site having "problems" again the same time I'm trying to access it..... And not impressed with their support.

I've been using the MiFi 2200 device at my Mom's house in Chicago while cleaning up after the flooding/sewer backups from this summer -- and it's worked fine for checking email. Good thing I paid retail and don't have a contract.

The actual speed has been less than impressive.... but it does connect.....

I paid $149 for the MiFi 2200 on the VirginMobile web site -- but Walmart had it for $119.

North, VA
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