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Saint Louis, MO


You mention that after a "contract..."

Well the only contract Charter has is the 24 month price guarantee. Anything else is simply the duration of a promotion. So you're not obligated to stay with Charter during that period.

Honestly, if you're satisfied with Charter's service, you may want to consider looking into the price guarantee. Just as I mentioned, it IS a contract, but your pricing wont go up for those two years as well. Just a suggestion.


Saint Louis, MO

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Actually the last time I was in a contract/promotion with Charter they did increase my monthly premiums and repeatedly ignored my emails inquiring about my guaranteed pricing.

So it's all nothing more than a deceptive wording, the price is not guaranteed by anything other than a non-binding agreement, nor were their original contracts.

Fortunately I had saved email correspondence from when the price guarantee/contract was negotiated at the Charter reps at this website resolved my complaint with a one time credit that was equal to the accumulative price increases for the remaining months of their guarantee.

I have sought and received another price guarantee/contract since. I do appreciate the advice and frankly if not for the Charter representatives here at Broadband Reports who are provide top notch service I likely would have dropped them.