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Saint Paul, MN

Mmmm... yes and no

I'd agree cord cutters are still rare, but I think saying this ignores something important. That is, some people subscribe to basic cable TV service solely to drop the price of their internet service.

In my case getting basic cable is a few dollars cheaper than just subscribing to Comcast internet service. I no longer use cable/satellite TV and rely on OTA broadcasts. Netflix, and Hulu services for my content. The basic cable service remains untouched.

Woodbridge, VA
Well, I finally did it--I cut the cord (satellite actually). Canceled my Dish, I've got my Netflix for movies/TV and Hulu for other shows. If there's something I just HAVE to watch and it's not on either of those, I'll find it somewhere. I don't care about 720p, 1080p, or whatever unlike you HD snobs!
All I need is an antenna for my Redskins games and I'm set.


Arlington, VA
reply to MightyPez
More important, the article ignores the switch to digital that pretty much requires all Americans to have cable tv services to view even the basic televison stations unless they use and antenna with digital converter box