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Marietta, GA
reply to Nightfall

Re: Broadband video will become popular when...

said by Nightfall:

Here is my list.

1. It becomes easy to hook up and use.
2. You can stream 720p up to 1080p over the wire without any delays or buffering. Even on some broadband content, streaming 1080i is a challenge.
3. You can get access to all content (such as sports) legally and easily.

Only when these things happen will you see more "cord cutters" when it comes to cable TV. I hold onto my cable TV because of sports programming alone. I can get other content off torrent sites, but still, thats neither easy nor legal for a bulk majority of the users out there.

In time, this will happen. Just like VOIP is eating away at customers now on regular telephone lines, its going to happen on the TV side of things. Just will take a while.

Until then, the majority of the cord cutters will be technical people such as the people here on BBR.
For me I watch Formula 1 and ALMS religiously. I am not in the mood to go hunting for their feeds, especially considering I Tivo the races and watch them later (especially in F1's case). When I goto Petit I want to know I'll be able to record whatever the entire broadcast is going to be, I won't be there to hunt and peck for the feed... or have it not work and miss parts of the race, etc. Same goes for F1 fly-aways and Euro races, too much of a time difference to feel like playing hunt and peck for half-ass feeds.