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[DSL] Firmware Upgrade of ST780WL via Ubuntu

Hey forum. I have an ST780WL router (well, switch, router, wifi, VoIP, and DSL modem). It's a well designed unit, but given its obscurity, it's hard to find information on it.

I have three questions.

(1) I'd like to upgrade the firmware from the current that I have to whatever the latest is. Where is the latest? I can't seem to find a standard location for it. I imagine they are localized for each ISP. I'd like the generic North American firmware.

(2) What is the best way to flash from Ubuntu. I don't have access to a Windows machine any more. I read somewhere that there is a way to do it via the command line interface (Telnet?) but I don't recall how.

(3) The device keeps rebooting. I know this, because it has a distinctive "clicking" sound. It may be crashing. It's done this several times today and I don't know why. Perhaps newer firmware will address this.

Current specs:

Product Name: ST780
Software Release:
Software Variant: AA
Boot Loader Version: 1.0.6
Product Code: 36035800
Board Name: BANT-R

Thank you.