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Help about satellite internet

Dear i am using one way satellite internet. i have this connection routing with dial up connection with the help of wingate firewall routing software. this is working fine with dial up connection. but one way satellite internet not working with dsl or gprs connection please tell me anyone whose the procedure that the satellite internet working with dsl or gprs connection please help me. thanks

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY

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The send capability of your connection is a function of the modem. Don't believe I've ever heard of a 1-way satellite modem that uses DSL. Seems silly even thinking about it. I mean, who with DSL would even WANT a satellite connection?!? There are however 1-way satellite modems that use dialup, others that use GPRS/EDGE But it's not an either/or thing. If you have one that uses dialup, it won't work with GPRS/EDGE - and vice versa.

Short answer, get a 1-way modem that is GPRS/EDGE capable (but only if you're actually within GPRS/EDGE coverage). Pretty sure you can forget using it with DSL.

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Personally I would dump the satt. and just use the dsl or cell service myself. Even if the satt. download speed is faster you would still be far better off without it I would think. Which I think the same idea Greg was getting at in the beginning of his post as well, lol.
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