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Deep River, ON

Solving Primus DSL Line Drops - Mission Impossible

I have had problems with DSL line drops going back to the beginning of this year, but Primus has not been able to solve the problem.

I started the post in the wrong forum, but here's the history:

»Teksavvy Not an Option

Am stuck in limbo but now looking for a refund.

Haus Frau

There is a more streamline process at the CCTS now:


Brossard, QC
reply to Stunned1066

Re: Solving Primus DSL Line Drops /low speed- Mission Impossible

HI, I have the same problem, I just started with Primus last week, after 5 years contract with Bell. Recently, I bought an IP Tv box and I was attracted by Primus for the unlimited download, and supposed to be for the same quality of the service.I'm very disappointed about the speed and the many drops. They speak about a speed of 7 Mbs, and due to my distance from the CO, i can reach only 6, but in fact, since I started, i have 2.5 Mb/s!!!! With 2 laptops and the IPTV box, It's a nightmare for a supposed high speed internet!!!

They were unable also to help me to configure my Router, after switching from Bell to Primus. They ask me to call the Router Manufacturer. I bought my Router for 6 years now, and it has always worked well with Bell, untill I swith!!

I think to go back with Bell, or try other providers, after checking the customers rating on forums.

Can anybody advise me what should I do?

See Above

After many delays, the final result in my case was a cut from 3.5 to 2.5 Mbps, a credit for downtime, and a small break on the rate. Bell says they fixed the line problems now and the Primus Executive Response Team responder had agreed we'd try to up the rate after that. So I asked for this but the response, after the usual protracted delay and comedy of managment errors, was that 2.5 is all I'm going to get. No response so far to an appeal I've sent to the Primus ERT, and it's been a long wait.

Am not sure about going to CCTS because of their terms. It seems if you want to lodge a complaint you have to give up all kinds of rights to privacy. Am checking on this now.

It's a tough choice, capitulate to Bell or stay with an unacceptable service level.