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SBG6580 Setup

Just installed a new SBG6580 with Cox and working fine. I would like to reset the DNS lookup to OpenDNS but don't seem to be able to do so. There is a DDNS section in the setup but it seems to have an option only of using a single company for dynamic dns. There is ipv4 dns servers listed in the the basic setup but I don't see any option to reassign them.

Any ideas?


Merritt Island, FL
I just got one of these installed yesterday by BrightHouse Networks, and he left without telling me the default username and password for the router...duh! (and I didn't ask fault)

Any help with that?

for the Sbg6580 you need to open your browser and go to the ip address for it. mine is which I think is default for win 7
the user name and password are:

hope this helps

Poway, CA
reply to david6101
If you called into BrightHouse tech support, would they tell you the username and password?


Merritt Island, FL
reply to st0ne
Tried admin and go

Called into BH, and they won't tell me the info...apparently we can't be trusted with it...


Santa Ana, CA

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Right below the USB port on the back of the modem there is a small hole. That is the internal reset button. Use a toothpick (or something that will enter the hole) and press the internal reset button while the unit is powered up.

That will reset the SBG6580 back to it's factory defaults including the username (Admin) and password (Motorola) so you can get into the modem setup pages.

You can see the exact location of the internal reset button in the SBG6580 User Guide here:
» ··· uide.pdf



Daytona Beach, FL
reply to daveinpoway
Actually with this particular modem they should be able to tell you via customer support. I know for a fact that information is available to them via the same method your other account inormation is.


New York, NY
reply to ronhawker
With TWC, even if you get the admin login, everything resets when they automatically send the config file. It will always revert back to their settings. Thus I recommend you just buy your own equip, I purchased the SBG6580 off Amazon.

So how do you change DNS? I can't figure out how.


Deland, FL
reply to ronhawker
I'm in the same boat with BHN. The BHN form says there is no way to get the user name and password . . . but sometimes the local BHN tech support will give it to you, I think you will have to tell them you want to open up some ports, don't say you want to change the SSID or passwords. Some how BHN gets the modem and flashes the modem with their settings and the default user name and password don't work. If you find out let me know. Almost everyone says we should tell them to put it in bridge mode and I guess they will do that but then you will have to buy a 3rd party router.