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Boothbay, ME
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Re: What The Hell Is Up With Doctors Offices Here?!

WOW! Sorry t hear of this. It is even more shocking though, that in this day of age they can't get to your records. What happened to "Consolidating and streamlining medical records online" between hospitals and doctors online; So that doctors have easy access to your history?


Roslindale, MA
I am on tricare myself. The military record system is only partly digitized at this point. All records of tests done are digital now. Still using paper records that are done in volumes. I am on volume 6 of my records, vol 1-5 are in archives in a Maryland warehouse where all the Navy records that are archived go. I have more records than my 90 year old father who spent 30 years in the Navy. I am only 33. The VA is fully digital with there records and the rest of the military is working towards that goal. I will love total digital records as I have had so many doctors and would love to have it all in one place as filling out history forms for new doctors gets old. Good luck. It boggles my mind that you have to wait 6-8 weeks to see a doctor and that thyroid issues is not urgent when it surely is.