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I made a general inquiry about reducing my £19.99 monthly bill, a short time later I had an email from AOL stating that my new order of £23.99 was being processed (??? which I had definately not placed).
I then shortly after had another email from Ireland AOL saying they are reducing my monthly fee to £17.99.
I was told to ignore the £23.99 email, I asked where did it come from and gave them the Ref order number to trace it. I was told they cant trace it and to forget it.
I was also told by Ireland AOL to ignore it as it was an automated email.
So I wonder what my Bill will be, £19.99, £23.99, £17.99
or all three at £71.97

Indian Orchard, MA
Truth is you'll not truly know until the bill comes in and not before, but I would assume that the bill would be 17.99 as you had several AOL Reps confirm the error.

Keep us posted though.