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Why not now?
Pittsburgh, PA

Model isn't changing, delivery doesn't matter

What happens when Apple, Google, or an unknown upstart finally creates a broadband TV service that provides an inexpensive, simple, a la carte alternative
Who knows, as Apple is not providing an inexpensive, simple, a la carte alternative. The show is a rental, 24 hours delayed, and more expensive. As I read another reporter say (paraphrasing, couldn't find source again): "If I watch 2 hours of TV with my wife per day and my kids watch 1 hour of TV per day, on a weekly average, it will cost me $90/month for Apple iTV's 720p only, 48 hour deleted rental, 24 hour delay after airing product, with no solution for live events, news, weather, or sports".

GoogleTV is NOT a product in competition with cable, sat, nor Apple's iTV. GoogleTV is just like Android for the cell phone (Android didn't knock off Sprint, nor Verizon, nor AT&T), it is nothing more than a gateway/interface to combine traditional pay-TV with Web 2.0 Google solutions. It is a marriage of cable and Youtube. Why would Google take the time to do this? Because Google is about to compete directly with Netflix, iTV, Amazon, etc. GoogleTV is in competition with Rovi, TiVo and Moxi.

People are choosing food over TV. This is great news! It is refreshing to see that in an economic downturn, TV is not increasing. Finally! It is the only way to correct the market for entertainment. Unfortunately, it has zero to do with how the 1's and 0's are sent to our homes to make images. QAM, 8PSK/QPSK, ATSC, IP... really? It makes a difference, huh?