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Alternative = "OFF" button

I canceled my overpriced Cablevision service. They were charging $54/month for a whopping 45 channels. Getting more channels would have raised my bill to over $80/month, just for TV.

Now I don't watch any TV.

I don't care about "alternatives", either. I simply don't watch TV at all. (Well, I downloaded a whole 3 pirated TV shows this year. Not 3 series. 3 episodes total.)


Somersworth, NH
I am finally going to cut the cord/feed/whatever in two months. I've had my DirecTV suspended while the wife is getting a new business up and running. I haven't looked back...neither of us have. I thought it was going to be difficult, but everything I want is online.

I am a sports junkie and while finding decent streams is a drag, at least I have my choice of WHATEVER game I want to watch. Between those streams, Netflix, and The Daily Show, I'm a happy camper. That's $90 staying in my pocket each month.

Being in the northeast, there's zero competition and even less quality service. I don't like my options so I'm letting my wallet do the talking to the companies.


reply to Bobcat79
Was on TWC paying $140+ for 7mbps cable/mid-range package and two boxes. Stepped down to $75 with one cable box, basic cable with about 40 "free" HD - no internet. Got Clearwire (10-15Mbps) with Netflix/Hulu/Playon, dumped cable entirely and now pay about $50/month. Two friends saw my setup asking me to set them up - they are now officially cord cutters.

I can afford cable but can't justify paying $75/month when only interested in about 4 channels. I do miss Disc/NatGeo/History but just not worth it (many shows end up on Hulu or DVD rentals eventually). I'd go back to cable if they could figure out how to bundle just the channels I'm interested in at lower price.


I was looking at channel packages for both dish providers awhile back, you have to have the top teir HD package and/or SD channel package to get Natgeo.
Then this week i saw that Natgeo is on a satellite broadcast in the clear!! I was pissed! with the right dish a guy can get it free! then I found that history channel is in-the-clear too! dish/cable are robbers!