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Fairmont, WV

I want to cut the cord, but...

... my connection is EVDO Rev A, a frontier dsl box just went in up the road and comcast is almost here, but that does nothing for me today.

And even when I do get some land based solution there is still the sports problem. While watchable, sports streams (at my speeds at least) always suffer from some motion blur, and when the stream stutters, you miss game action.

Case in point - My Dish TV went out, the evening of the Super Bowl. We a heck of a winter and somehow the freeze thaws ate the connection to the ground block. Not that I knew that then, it was dark and the game was about to start. So I hit the net and the best quality I could find was a french stream, I don't care what language its in its football, I'll understand. The picture was good, just some motion blur, oh and NO COMMERCIALS. Seriously this is why it hasn't caught on in other places, 2/3 of the coverage was dudes just standing around. No wonder they think we are lazy.

There were typical stream problems, the occasional stutter, the need to reconnect, I enjoyed the game but keeping that feed up was more work than I wanted. With sports I want the easiest most thought free solution so I can enjoy the game, not wonder about the quality of the stream. My Dad bought access to college basketball games from CBS this year and that feed was total sh*t even over his office cable connection despite being a paid service.

So until they improve both my connection and the digital delivery of sports I'm keeping the cord.