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We've noticed some unusual activity in your Hotmail account.

This stuff seriously makes me hopping mad.

Logged into the sympatico web mail, tried to send a mail. Click send and I end up with the following:

" Warning We've noticed some unusual activity in your Hotmail account. To help protect you and everyone else, we've temporarily blocked your account. To unblock it, please contact Support. "

wth is that? No clue, ok.

Called 514-310-surf support. Went through the happy fun press buttons to direct your call.

Get through and attempt to explain the situation. Lesson in frustration, as I knew it would be after prior encounters with "tech support". I can barely understand her, pretty sure she's not understanding me. Get a ticket number and her name. Not expecting much to develop on that end, despite promises of it being "escalated".

Go back, try again. Same thing. There's a hyperlink over the "contact tech support" I didn't notice. Clicked it.

Now I'm over in live support, and to proceed, I need to make ANOTHER ID and read and agree to MORE licenses and terms of service and EULA's etc.

Sorry, no. I refuse.

I signed up with Bell/Sympatico. Here, in Montreal, Canada. This outsourced crap is driving me up the wall. No more canadian mail servers or service. No canadian english or french support.

I want this block fixed and fixed now. This is absolutely unacceptable for someone shelling out over $65 a month without complaint since Bell even HAD dsl available.

St Thomas, ON
If you're seriously committed to keeping your sympatico/bell email address, then use a proper e-mail client to pull mail off the hotmail/microsoft servers and stop using the web interface.

Otherwise, get yourself a gmail account.


Novar, ON
reply to Zalbar6
Sounds like your account was compromised, or you sent mail that managed to get an automated flag system set off. I would highly suggest another e-mail service, but if you are committed to keeping that e-mail address, make sure you change your password to something strong and put bogus information only you would know in your secret questions. A lot of people put the same info in their secret questions that they post for the world to see on facebook and wonder why they get compromised.


Sudbury, ON
reply to Zalbar6
just an FYI, there is canadian english support and all french support agents are in quebec