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Lake Zurich, IL
reply to 56403739

Re: Cutting the cord isn't always by choice

said by 56403739:

Not a very good argument.
Ditto. You're living in the same technology-centric dream world as Karl (and many other people on BBR) -- the unwashed masses have exactly zero interest in connecting their TV to a HTPC and hunting around the internet for on demand stuff, and then figuring out how to bypass the latest DRM flavor of the month to watch it in HD. When they aren't losing their jobs, most consider their TV or triple play just another utility and keep paying.

Don't forget, these idiots are the same people paying close to $100 per month for cell phone service + iPhone data package, and 3 years ago were the same idiots being chided here for paying $0.20 per text message.

said by 56403739:

The cable novelty is starting to wear off, stolen by on-demand, Internet-based streaming services that you can watch anywhere...even where there isn't traditional pay TV service. It'll take awhile yet but the MVPDs are in trouble and they know it.
Once again, nothing new here. Of course it will wear off. People don't have cable/satellite/uverse/fios because it's "novel", they have it because they figure it's part of life. And of course things will continue to evolve, just like every other part of our life. We better have some articles about the impending death of the auto industry -- personal flying vehicles are way better and right on the horizon.