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Re: Suggestions for an ultra-mobile device for eBooks?

said by trparky:

What I'm asking about is which device is best among all of the various devices out there.
There is no "best".

For the most part it's a purely personal decision based upon whether you like the look of e-ink, reflective LCD or regular LCD screens. What your hand size is and how comfortable the page turn buttons and other controls are for you. What formats you're most likely to read and whether or not the reader handles them without using conversion software. Whether or not you plan on borrowing ebooks from your local library and whether or not the reader supports the format used. What extras you want with the reader - WiFi, 3G, dictionaries, text-to-speech, audiobook and/or MP3 capability, etc. What your eyesight is like and whether or not it has a font size that you're comfortable with. What the reading conditions are that you're most likely to use the reader with - daylight, indoor light, low light, etc. - and how well a particular reader's screen looks in all those lights. How often do you mind/need to recharge the device, or do you prefer one that uses replaceable batteries. What extras the device comes with - covers, cables, chargers, etc. Do you want a "brand name" or are you willing to buy something else. How much do you want to spend on the device.

Any 5" ereader is ultra-portable. They can go into pockets and pocketbooks. Weight is comparable to about a 400-500 page paperback - without the bulk. They are easy to use. All will store an obscene amount of books in either their RAM or removable SD card - so that is not an issue at all. (I've got about 400 books on my reader without it making much of a dent at all in the storage capability).

I have an Aluratek Libre Pro and I'm very happy with it.
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