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Irving, TX

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reply to hobgoblin

Re: [TWC] Dallas/Ft Worth Metro Vol II -- Time Warner

said by hobgoblin:

said by chamberc:

As mentioned in other threads, good news today, the deal with Disney also included ESPN 360! Now all we need is a Hulu app for the 360 and I think I'll be able to dump TV service all together and just stick with RR for Wideband.
My belief and I could be wrong is that the subscription to ESPN3 is based on your video service. Dump TV service, you dump ESPN3 also.

Interesting, the X-Box page describes it differently but that's definitely possible.

Edit: Upon further research, it more appears if your X-Box is coming across RR as the ISP in a market with ESPN's agreement, it isn't linked to your TV service. Time will tell I guess... this really could be the key to dumping cable! Awesome!