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Belkin N F5D8235-4 v1000

I own a Belkin N F5D8235-4 v1000, and I have a rather strange problem. It disconnects from the modem precisely every minute for about a second or two.
I've tried rebooting, resetting, firmware update, hard resetting, without success.
When I connect my computer directly to the modem, no problem.
Also that problem appears on 3 systems (Win7, OSX and WinXP).

Since there is such a timely precision, I thought of a similar problem than the N1 Vision »[Problem]Belkin N1 Vision: disconnects on a 2-hour intereval
But I do not know the process page for my router. If anyone has any ideas, please share.


Bethlehem, GA
The belkins can sometimes basicly act the exact opposite of other routers.I know the wireless N+ its best to set up your modem using your computer mac address and then unplug it and put the ethernet not wireless cord into the router and power it up and start by cloning the computers mac address.after you have named your network enabled your securities then power down the router.Next power everything that will be connected to the modem up and let everything fully boot next power up the router after its done completely powering up then power up the modem.Most routers u start by powering up the modem and then the router or whatever comes next.I have found this to be the only way gaming consoles,etc will stay connected they usually connect about 5 minutes then cut out but if u power everything up like I stated u should stay connected.You could have a failing piece of equipment as well.Always remember just because something is new if its new does not mean anything thats what receipts are for.


Bethlehem, GA
Most routers have UPnP enabled by default but it does not hurt to check and make sure its enabled on the router and if u have a dsl modem that has this as an option make sure its enabled.Alot of the motorola dsl modems have it disabled by default


reply to Lqpin
Thanks for the answer. UPnP was enabled. Also the booting sequence you are suggesting does not solve the problem.

I forgot to mention that the router has been working fine for about a year, until this problem started a few weeks ago.

Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON
reply to Lqpin
From your description it sounds like your F5D8235-4 v1000 has developed a hardware fault -- so I would suggest its time to replace the unit.

There is one other thing that you can try should you want to make the investment -- plug the F5D8235-4 into a UPS that incorporated AVR technology and see if that helps --- electrical issue can cause problems like you describe -- by using a uninterrupted power supply with automatic voltage regulation electrical issues can be mitigated against. Another log shot is that the actual F5D8235-4 power supply could have become defective -- its fairly cheap to replace it by going to your local Radio Shack store and getting a substitute.
David Mozer
IT-Expert on Call
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