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John K

reply to dmxrob6

Re: FCC & SamKnows

I remember something my mother said years ago that always stuck with me -- "You can live in fear, or you can live life".

I prefer to live life.

I think you're confusing being fearful with being wary. If you are wary, you need never be fearful.

When it comes to dealing with the government and/or large corporations, it's worth keeping in mind that very few things they do benefit you and I first and them second.

When someone offers to do me a good deed, the first thing I ask myself is, "What's in it for them?" There are very few times that the government and/or a large corporation is going to do something for you and I without there being something in it for them, too. More often than not, any concerns you might have are going to be little more than an afterthought for them.

Acknowledging that fact of life is being wary, not fearful: if I don't give them an in, I have nothing to fear. That, for me, is what being wary is all about.